Your Family Eye Doctor

You have a family doctor.
But do you have a family eye doctor?

Your family doctor is the primary medical doctor trusted with your overall health because he/she knows you and your medical history and has the skill and knowledge to keep you and your family in optimum health. Similarly, optometrists are the family doctors of eyes – highly trained to diagnose and prevent many vision problems before they even occur through a simple, comprehensive eye exam once a year.

Having a trusted relationship with your family eye doctor is important – not only for your vision, but also for your overall health. In addition to uncovering problems with vision, a thorough annual eye exam can also lead to the detection of many health conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, or thyroid disease. Your optometrist’s expertise lies in examining, diagnosing, and treating diseases and injuries affecting the eyes.

Change the way you see your eye health by finding a qualified MOA eye doctor who will be there for you and your family!