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Membership Dues


Membership is based on a calendar year. The total amount is due in full, semi-annual or quarterly payments. Payment in full is due no later than January 31 of the calendar year. Semi-annual payments are due on January 31 and July 31. Quarterly payments are due January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 of the calendar year. Dues may be paid in any of the authorized methods.

Ascending dues scale: the applicable percentage of dues is determined based solely on the year of graduation. A member can initiate membership and qualify for the ascending dues schedule at any time during the immediate five years beginning with the graduation year. If a member joins while eligible for the ascending dues schedule, the member is assessed dues using the appropriate percentage as determined by the year of graduation. Members who complete a post-graduate residency immediately following graduation will not begin the ascending dues schedule until the member has completed the residency.

Year of GraduationMOAAOATOTAL
2015 – 100%$1384.00$972.00$2356.00
2016 – 75%$1038.00$729.00$1767.00
2017 – 50%$692.00$486.00$1178.00
2018 – 20%$276.80$194.40$471.20
2019 – 10%$138.40$97.20$235.60
2020 (through December 31st)$0.00$0.00$0.00

Special Class – Such membership must be approved by the Board of Directors.


Limited to optometrists who practice 16 hours per week or less.


Affiliate: limited to optometrists who are a member of AOA and an affiliate association.
Honorary: limited to members who have contributed outstanding aid to the public’s safety or welfare or to the profession of optometry.
Life: limited to optometrists who have been members of MOA/AOA for over 45 years and are current members in good standing.
Optometric Educator: limited to members who serve on the faculty at a school of optometry.
Partial Practice: limited to members who practice 16 hours per week or less.
Post Graduate: limited to members who are currently engaged in Post Graduate or Residency programs.
Retired: limited to members who are age 55 and over, no longer engaged in compensated optometrically related activities, and are current members in good standing.
Student: limited to students currently attending optometry school.

Opportunities for involvement

There are many ways to support and be proactive in protecting and growing the optometry profession in Mississippi.


MOA is dedicated to making optometry a stronger, better, and more visible profession. Our members have created committees in which our members work diligently on all fronts to ensure that those who have earned the title of Doctor of Optometry have the opportunity to practice their profession to the fullest extent possible.

Works with new students and graduates to help them become involved with the association and assist them with placement when necessary.

Recommends budget and finance issues to the Board of Directors and membership.

Secures education, finds sponsorship for lectures, and hosts speakers for fall and summer.

Works to find sponsors and exhibitors for fall and summer conference.

Works to find MOA industry partners for annual funding of our programs.

Long-range and strategic planning.

Works to increase membership numbers and improve membership value.

Selects all candidates for MOA awards and nominates officer and board positions including MS Board of Optometry nominees for Governor’s selection.

Assists MOA office with information and pictures for Focus, reviews and updates website as necessary, serves as liaison with the AOA.

Provides information to membership regarding any third-party issues. Serves as a voice for optometry in state and federal third-party concerns.

Comprised of ODs with less than five years of experience and charged with developing new programs (including better ways to take advantage of social media) and providing networking events specifically for young ODs. Committee will have planned legislative training and updates on legislative issues to develop more confidence in contacting legislators and voicing the concerns of our members.

Grassroots works on rallying membership, writing handouts and talking points, and distributing info.

Works with lobbyists in providing legislative support on a state and federal level.

MOA Societies

The MOA is comprised of eight societies that meet to discuss issues relating to optometry on a local level. These societies provide opportunity to foster professional relationships between members and create continuing education opportunities on a more local basis.