MOA Board


Current Officers

Evan Davis, O.D.


Stacie Moore, O.D.


Jacob Ivey, O.D.

Vice President

Ryan Wally, O.D.


Dax Eckard, O.D.

Past President


Current Board

Josh Hatfield, O.D.

District 1

John "Jay" Nail, O.D.

District 2

Bran Dawson, O.D.

District 3

Monique Carr, O.D.

District 4

Hilari McFarland, O.D.

District 5

Michael Phillips, O.D.

At Large

Rod Fields, O.D.

At Large

Jay Fuller, O.D.

At Large


Board Meetings

Jackson, MS

Virtual Meeting

2:30 – 5:00 pm

Sandestin, FL

2:00 – 5:00 pm

Sheraton Refuge, Flowood MS



Works with new students and graduates to help them become involved with the association and assist them with placement when necessary.

  • Walter Pang – Chair
  • Chris Bullin
  • Bran Dawson
  • Katie Richardson

Recommends budget and finance issues to the Board of Directors and membership.

  • Ryan Wally – Chair
  • Jacob Ivey
  • Stacie Moore
  • Evan Davis
  • Dax Eckard

Secures education, finds sponsorship for lectures, and hosts speakers for Fall and Summer. 

  • Justin McElroy – Co-chair (Fall)
  • David Otto – Co-chair (Summer)
  • Hannah Nail / Jay Nail – Co-chair (3rd Party / Practice Management)
  • Beverly Roberts – Para Representative

Works to find sponsors and exhibitors for fall and summer conference.

  • Mandi Smith – Chair
  • Melissa Rasmussen – Co-Chair
  • Audrey Otto
  • Michael Reed
  • Evan Stout

Works to find MOA industry partners for annual funding of our programs.

  • Hilari McFarland – Chair
  • Roya Attar
  • Josh Hatfield
  • Josh Patrick
  • Michael Phillips
  • William Strickland

Works with the board on strategic planning and long-range goals and direction for the Association.

  • Stacie Moore – Chair
  • Josh Bostick
  • Arthur “Reggie” Dampier
  • Minh Duong
  • Linda Johnson
  • Eric Randle

Works to increase membership numbers and improve membership value.

  • Michael Phillips – Chair 
  • Anh Giang Edwards
  • Caitlyn Bomee Kim
  • Greg Loose
  • Bobby Pankey
  • Tina Sorey
  • Anna Pope Taylor

Selects all candidates for MOA awards, MOA Leadership Optometry classes, and nominates officer and board positions including nominees for Governor for State Board. Comprised of the five most recent MOA Past Presidents.

  • Dax Eckard – Chair
  • Jason “Bo” Beddingfield
  • Amy Crigler
  • Mike Weeden
  • Greg Loose

Works with Legislative Committee on Public Health and Consumer Protection issues. Addresses issues of patient care related to vision rehabilitation, vision therapy, children’s vision, and InfantSee.

  • Stacie Moore, Chair
  • Lori Blackmer
  • Sarah Fratesi, Lead Children’s Vision & InfantSee
  • Rod Fields, Lead Low Vision
  • Megan Sumrall Lott, Vision Therapy
  • David Parker, State Senator
  • Kimberly Ragan, MVF Liaison
  • Michael Reed, Sport Vision
  • Jennifer York

Assists MOA office with information and pictures for the weekly eNews, reviews and updates website as necessary, serves as liaison with the AOA marketing group.

  • Anh Giang Edwards
  • Justin McElroy
  • Mike Weeden

Research and information to membership regarding any third party issues. Serves as a voice for optometry in state and federal third party concerns.

  • Stacie Moore – Task Force Lead
  • Bill Lord – Advisor

Comprised of ODs with less than 5 years experience and charged with developing new programs (including better ways to take advantage of social media) and providing networking events specifically for young ODs. Committee will have planned legislative training and updates on legislative issues to develop more confidence in contacting legislators and voicing the concerns of our members.

  • Chris Herring, Chair
  • Miles Ashley
  • Bran Dawson
  • Preslee Magee
  • Michael Pegg

Grassroots works on rallying membership, writing handouts and talking points, and distributing info.

Mallory Morris Collins, Chair

Michael Pegg, Captain
Sean Aldinger
Ty Hubbard
Nicole Monroe
Walter Pang
Jennifer Stroupe (Para)
Justin Zampella

Preslee Magee, Captain
David Prudhomme

Anh G. Edwards, Captain
Julie Dawson
Michael Phillips
Kimberly Ragan

Stacie Moore, Captain
Tara Dew
Chris Herring
Jacob Ivey
Philip Marler
Jay Nail
Slater Smith

Justin McElroy, Captain
Evan Davis
Aubrey Fulton
Greg Loose
Bridget Milliken
Josh Patrick

Jay Fuller, Captain
Rod Fields
Johneen Gilich
Patricia O’Kelley
Scott Sanders
Jason Wilson

Works with lobbyist in providing legislative support on a state and federal level. Focus is on strategy, writing bills, working with legislators, and directing the lobbying team.

  • Ryan Wally – Chair
  • Sarah Link – Staff Consultant
  • Bo Beddingfield
  • Lori Blackmer
  • Roy Miles
  • Stacie Moore
  • Scott Sanders
  • Sam Scott
  • Charlie Tillman
  • Mike Weeden

Federal Key Persons are the main point of contact for members of Congress.

  • Sen. Roger Wicker–Linda Ross Aldy
  • Sen. Cindy Hyde Smith–Dr. David Parker (state senator)
  • Rep. Trent Kelly–Dr. Ryan Wally
  • Rep. Bennie Thompson–Dr. Linda Johnson
  • Rep. Michael Guest–Dr. Minh Duong
  • Rep. Steven Palazzo–Dr. Greg Loose

Past Presidents

Our past presidents have served the MOA with dedication, and we are grateful for their contributions. Below is a listing of our past presidents for the last 10 years.

Term ServedName
2020 – 2021Dax Eckard, O.D.
2019 – 2020Jason “Bo” Beddingfield, O.D.
August 2018 – 2019Amy Crigler, O.D.
2017 – August 2018Tonyatta Hairston, O.D.
2016 – 2017Mike Weeden, O.D.
2015 – 2016 Greg Loose, O.D.
2014 – 2015Nicole Monroe, O.D.
2013 – 2014Eric Randle, O.D.
2012 – 2013Bradley Thompson, O.D
2011 – 2012Reggie Dampier, O.D.