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3rd Party/Practice Management 2017, January 22-23, Eagle Ridge & Old Capitol Inn
Summer Convention 2017, June 8 – 11, Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort
Fall Conference 2017, Oct. 5 – 8, Hilton of Jackson

3rd Party/Practice Management 2018, January, Dates & Location TBD
Summer Convention 2018, June 7 – 10, Island House Hotel
Fall Conference 2018, Oct. 4 – 7, Hilton of Jackson

3rd Party/Practice Management 2019, January, Dates & Location TBD
Summer Convention 2019, June, Dates & Location TBD
Fall Conference 2019, Oct. 3 – 6, Hilton of Jackson

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2017 Third Party & Practice Management Conference
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Sharon Carter, Coding and Billing  In today’s optometric practice, insurance is a major source of the practice’s income including both government and private company coverages.  Each year it seems that participating provider payments are reduced or stringent stipulations are implemented that require certain components be included in the exam in order to be able to code and bill for the services provided.  Companies, whose sole function is to audit and recoup monies paid to participating providers, have struck fear in the hearts of more than one optometric practice when they receive the letter or call that they are to undergo an audit.  Coding and billing is like completing your tax return.  You are entitled to every deduction you are qualified for (billing appropriately for every penny for services provided), but do not cheat the tax man (do not over code nor short change yourself by under coding).  You will learn in this course the detailed criteria for choosing the proper code and how to build the proper code so that you can receive the payment to which you are entitled while ensuring compliancy and being audit proof.  It is one thing to work for “free” but, to work, get paid, spend the money, and then have to give it back makes for a bad day!

Sharon Carter, Where’s My Money  This course will identify potential places where practice funds may be tied-up and directly affecting bottom line profits.  Such locations may be a significant amount in a single area, such as insurance receivables.  Ask yourself these questions.  Are you struggling to get patients to return yearly and keep your schedule full?  Are you maximizing the three potential streams of income?  Are you educating patients on the benefits of products you have in your optical?  Do you have the proper number of frames of the right mix based on gender and age of your patients or do you have a hodge-podge of frames based on what your frame reps said you need?   Are your staff salaries out of balance? Is your staff working together as a well oiled machine or is there “sand in the gears”?  Find the answers to these questions within this period of instruction.

Sharon Carter, Insurance Verification and Filing  Insurance is a very big part of most practices today. That is why it is essential to get a system for collecting information from the patient, creating a clean claim, and making sure payment is made correctly and in a timely manner. Each area of the office has a part in the claim process and this course will provide the essential steps for a system that will ensure prompt and accurate insurance filing and payment.

Tyson Elbert (Stennis Institute), Legislative Exercise  This is an interactive process which enhances understanding of the political process in Mississippi from elections to law.

Alan Cleinman, The Accidental Leader  Your patients, staff, family and community rely on you. Harness the skills and tools to create the business and lifestyle you’ve imagined. Identify ways to exhibit leadership that empowers staff and builds teamwork as well as methods for aligning personal and professional values with leadership choices. 

Alan Cleinman, Secrets of High Performing Practices  This highly motivating program offers practice methodology that shows you how to develop a winning team, gain more time with less stress and harness the power of referrals. Identify the qualities and methods possessed by successful practices in order to allow practice owners and ODs the opportunity to improve the caliber of their own practice.

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