FAQ’s for 8 Hour Preceptorship

FAQ’s for Preceptorship Hours ONLY

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This FAQ document will be updated and expanded as new information becomes available.


What is the 8 hour PEP preceptorship?
The law requires you to shadow a certified ophthalmologist or optometrist for eight hours as they complete primary eyecare procedures. The preceptorship must be completed in the state in which the preceptor is certified to complete the procedures. 

Is there a cost for the 8 hour PEP preceptorship?
Yes. There is a $110 fee for the PEP preceptorship. MOA will collect the fee and pass it on to the scheduled preceptor minus a $10 administrative fee. The fee is due to the MOA before your scheduled preceptorship begins.

When will the Preceptor receive the stipend?
The MOA will offer a $100 stipend per OD for whom the Preceptor serves as a preceptor, and payment of the stipend will be made upon completion and submission of all required forms.

Who can serve as a preceptor?
HB 1302 states “…A preceptor who is either an ophthalmologist or licensed credentialed optometrist. The preceptor must be licensed to perform the ophthalmic YAG laser posterior capsulotomy procedures, and the training shall occur within the state in which the preceptor is licensed to perform such procedures.”

How do I find a preceptor?
You are free to work with any OD or OMD who fits the requirements listed in HB 1302. Once you identify that individual, they will need to fill out the Preceptor Agreement Form.

If you have an optometrist or ophthalmologist that has agreed to serve as a preceptor, please give them the Preceptor Agreement Form, and tell them that the completed Agreement form needs to be returned to the MOA. 

If you are unable to locate anyone willing to serve as a preceptor, contact the MOA for suggestions.

Can multiple ODs complete a preceptorship at the same time?
Yes. A Preceptor may serve as a preceptor to multiple ODs simultaneously.

When can I start my preceptorship hours?
You may begin your preceptorship now UNLESS you are graduating from optometry school in 2021. Your graduation must be complete before you begin your preceptorship.

UPDATED: How long do I have to complete my preceptorship?
In order to be certified in July 2021 your preceptorship must be completed no later than June 30, 2021. This means all paperwork completed and back to the MOA office no later than June 30, 2021.

What are the steps to start / conduct / complete my preceptorship?

  1. BEFORE beginning the preceptorship, the Preceptor must complete and return the Preceptor Agreement Form to the MOA.
  2. When your preceptorship is scheduled, you must complete the updated Preceptorship Appointment Form and return to the MOA with your payment of $110, which will, in turn, be paid to the preceptor as a stipend. The fee must be paid to the MOA before the date of your preceptorship.
  3. Upon completion of the preceptorship, the Preceptor must fill out a Preceptor Evaluation Form and return it to the MOA.